3 Questions Answered About Glass Enamel

1. What is glass enameling?

This question comes up often, and it’s one I love to answer. Enameling is the art of fusing glass onto the metal to create colourful designs. I use powdered opaque and transparent glass enamel in tiny glass grains, and I also use liquid enamel. Both of these forms of enamel are applied to copper or silver forms by sifting and painting. They are fired in a kiln or by torch, reaching temperatures of up to 1550F. Depending on the look I am trying to achieve, a piece can be fired upwards of five or more times.

2. Why can’t you duplicate some of your pieces?

The multi-coloured, abstract pieces of the Effervescence collection, like the earrings in the photo, are examples of a design that I could not duplicate. The enameling process is unpredictable, and the results vary greatly. The type of enamel, colour, and how thick it is applied to the metal form, and the temperature and amount of time it is fired contribute to the result. I highly suggest if you see a piece you like, especially in this collection, that you purchase them.

3. How do you care for enamel jewelry?

Enamel glass jewelry is hard-wearing but should be treated with care as you would any glass object. Take care not to drop or apply force on the enamel as it can chip or crack.

To clean your jewelry, use mild dish soap and warm water with a microfibre cloth to clean your pieces gently.

Polishing dips are not recommended as they leave residue on the metal and enamels. Avoid chemicals around your jewelry, such as perfume, lotions & pools, and always take off your jewelry before bathing.

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